Halifax Real Estate Stats for June 2009

by Scott Grace on July 20, 2009

Number of listings down

The number of new Halifax MLS listings was down in June 2009 as compared to June of 2008 by 5.8% in all of the Halifax-Dartmouth MLS Region. Some of the biggest changes were:

Central Halifax

2008 – 6 2009 – 3 -50.0%



Woodside to Cow Bay

2008-41 2009-61 48.8%



Dartmouth Downtown to Burnside

2008 – 7 2009-17 +142.9%



Forest Hills

2008-51 2009-24 -52.9%



Woodlawn, Portland Estates & Nantucket

2008-86 2009-56 -34.9%





 Number of Solds up!

The number of SOLD Halifax MLS listings was up in June 2009 as compared to June of 2008 by 1.2% in all of the Halifax-Dartmouth MLS Region. Very good news for Sellers! Some of the biggest changes were:

The South End of Halifax

2008-12 2009-16 33.3%



Purcell’s Cove

2008-17 2009-26 52.9%



Dartmouth Downtown to Burnside

2008-4 2009-9 125.0%



Woodside to Cow Bay

2008-44 2009-20 -54.5%



Kingswood, Haliburton Hills & Hammonds Plains

2008-32 2009-60 87.5%



Lawrencetown, Lake Echo & Porters Lake

2008-17 2009-30 76.5%





Average Days on Market

The Average number of days on market for a home in Halifax that was SOLD during the month of June 2009 was 86. That is up from 80 in 2008. The highest of which is in Spryfield at 216 this year compared to  78 last year. A change of over 176%! The lowest number of days on market in the Halifax Area was Central Halifax at just 9! That is compared to 59 in 2008 or a change of -84.7%. There was only 2 sales that contributed to that number however!

Average Sale Price

The average sale price of a Home in Halifax went up by 5% year over year to $250,782. That is up from 238,859 in June of 2008. Some of the biggest changes were in the South End of Halifax which saw a jump of %20.6 to $599,625. Spryfield saw an increase in the average sale price go from $188,907 in June of 2008 to $226,312 in June of 2009. This represented a change of $19.8%

average halifax sales price










If you would like to discuss the current real estate market stats in your area you can contact us here or call 441-7714 and we will be happy to assist you!

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