Halifax Real Estate – A Modern Approach, celebrates its first anniversary with EXIT Realty Professionals

by Andrew Murray on December 2, 2011


Branding is the key to survival in the business world. Whether it’s a message, a look or a feeling. Renewal is an important part of that branding. Without a sense of renewal or adaptation, any business owner or business leader begins to reek of stagnancy.

Re branding

It is for this reason that I am, again, engaging another photographer to create a new line of real estate photos for my audience. I jokingly admit that I have lost both weight and hair in the last year, it is important to convey to clients and the general public that your brand is ever changing and constantly adapting. Therefore, I have employed Andrew Shalin, a stellar local photographer, to partake in my rebranding for Modern Approach Real Estate.

Constantly changing

Though it may seem trivial, social media and our modern world are constantly changing and adapting. Something as simple as a photograph goes a long way to convey that I am actually still alive and well, trading in the purchase and sale of property and sending that message to others. The most important aspect of my engaging Andrew to do my rebranding, is that he is 100% local.

Giving back

I could go to Walmart, I could go to Sears, I could get another tacky shot of me sitting in a chair smiling to people I don’t know. But I won’t. The symbolism of this, is that I give back to the community in the same way that I take. I use the money made from real estate and give it back to local Haligonian businesses. I am proud of this.

I am looking forward to working with Andrew in the next two weeks to come up with a new image, a new brand, that will make a difference in the world of Halifax Real Estate.
Halifax Real Estate – A Modern Approach


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